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How Did “I Hate Poetry” Start?

It all started when Dylan cracked a few jokes about a poem Charlie had written; little did they know then the seeds had been sown. A few months later, Dylan came to Charlie with one of his hair-brained schemes asking if he’d be interested in starting a podcast together. When Charlie suggested poetry as a potential subject; Dylan sighed and rolled his eyes. How about something a bit more interesting mate? Charlie fired back – How about we create a podcast where I prove to you that poetry can be interesting and fun? Somewhat skeptically the challenge was accepted and I Hate Poetry was born!


Dylan J. Kershaw

Dylan J. Kershaw

Dylan is a comedian and creative producer from the seaside town of Bournemouth. Dylan not only hosts the show but also produces it too!

Charlie Pidcock

Charlie is a singer, songwriter and English graduate from the East Midlands. He writes, performs and produces his own music, and has been featured regularly on BBC Introducing East Midlands.

Our Mission

We currently do not generate any revenue from this podcast and all production and upkeep is funded through our own pockets. Our mission is to make poetry more accessible and change the mindset of people like Dylan (poetry muggles).

If you enjoy our work and you would like to donate to help us with costs, please follow this link to our paypal page, thank you!

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