After all the guests
Left their fingerprints
On every window
And scuffs up and down
Each hallway,
I searched for you.
I looked underneath
The stacks of jackets
Forgotten by those
Donning flushed cheeks,
Peeked in the guest room,
Let your name shake
Now empty glasses clattering
And cluttering countertops.
They said you slipped out
While I was still dancing;
Now I just have pity parties,
All alone, drinking myself silly.

Featured in Episode 12 – Most awkward intro ever…

This poem is also featured in Maggie’s new book Ungodly.

Maggie Bowyer is a poet from Greensboro, North Carolina. Maggie has been writing for decades and they have performed across the nation. Their work has been published by Bourgeon, Capsule Stories, Detour Ahead, The Vital Spark, and more.

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