All Hallow’s Eve

All Hallow’s Eve
but hollow be their name-
an untimely resurrection,
an unvited insurrection.

when times and deeds
no longer of consequence
come to tease
just one more wicked dance-
whipped up wild
on the wisps of the wind
crawling on the skin
across the mind and within-

But what good is it going through a graveyard
if I’m not here to leave roses
or pay respects in a card?

It’s just splinters and shrapnel,
but now I have been balm for the scars-

I arrest these respassers
consign them to the dark,
toss them to the air
to burn supernovas with the stars
and spark a truthlight into that dark.

I read my tarot, tea leaves, and palm
my strength is my shield;
harmony counters harm.

Yes, I may remember
but all that remains
is now ashes and ember;
the now is my hour,
resilience is my power.

For I am a Queen
and my mind is my queendom
I reign over my own life
and my peace is my freedom.

Laura Ferries is a creative and poet that resides in Liverpool.

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