Centrefold of a Broken Mould

A flat palm
On the fresh face
Of the fatalist saint
While I loudly state
In a state of ire
I am no longer accountable
To the human shame
Of following the footsteps
Through pre-laid blame,
Free to examine the same facts
Yet with different conclusions,
To dispel or remake the self-same confusions:
Heal the contusions
Of self-made illusions,
Alluding to elusive memories
Of emboldened, statistical anomalies,
Finding we’re better suited
For a different point of view—
Pointed plumes of evidence loom—
To prove that we’re not meant to be
These characters of bruised resolve

Featured in Episode 6 – Shall I rap this? (User-submitted episode)

Paul Madigosky is an avid outdoorsman who is particularly fond of hiking and bushcraft. He graduated with a Bachelors of English degree from Widener University in 2015. Ever since, he had been doing painting and construction work until February of 2021 when he quit his job to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. Upon completion of the Trail, he would like to pursue a career in travel writing, survival training, and/or novel writing.

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