Christmas Dreams

As November leaves
its shadowy touch
at the end of the year,
I fall into a slumber
And a world of dreams appears;

A poet on a hillside,
A painter by a heath,
A kind Victorian lady,
A slapstick jewellery thief,

An angry little mouse,
A ballerina in a box,
A talking candlestick,
A crafty little fox,

A pretty little mermaid,
A witch with magic spells,
A ghost of things yet to come,
A dozen Christmas bells,

Twinkling apparitions
Of good men who’ve come and gone,
I dance amongst them gaily
To a happy, ghostly song,

Then in the morning sun I wake up
With the fireplace alight,
And the rolling hills outside
All blanketed in white;

And all those that I met
In the adventures of my mind,
Stay with me inside my heart
For new fairytales to find!

Catrina has been writing poetry for almost a year now and was prompted to start during the lonely months of lockdown. She’s mostly inspired by song lyrics and fairytales, and aims to create a strong sense of imagery within her poems. Recently graduated from university, she aims to start travelling in the new year to pursue a career in conservation and development, and to carry on writing!

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