I Work Out Every Thursday

Arms burn

Brow sweats Here come the fucking baguettes


Up down Up down Trolley, chin Trolley, chin Muscles ache Aunt Bessies Bake

Skins tight Heads light Vision blurred Have a word… A damaged soul

In complete control Right arm stretch Cashier Betch Built in a lab

Out n grab Mechanic movement

Hitlers student Complete action Good belt traction

Times a fraction In the scanning faction No time for bags Builders arms

Tits sag

SCAN SCAN SCAN This Scran scran scran. Knees weak

Portraits bleak Witness my demise Handling these pies Body shuts down

Soul depletes Draw the chalk Lay white sheets

Judging eyes Anxious look

I feel ashamed For how long I took

Rather Roy Keane red card foul me, I work out every Thursday, I shop in Aldi.

Featured in Episode 6 – Shall I rap this? (User submitted episode)

A. Shank was born with an ulterior motive. What that motive is no one quite knows. Inspired by the mundane trivialities of a day to day existence, usually found in the dole queue, the dark corner of the snooker hall or educating reprobates at a bus shelter. His favourite song is 'Believe' by Cher. He doesn't subscribe to any religion but has been known to sleep in churches.
If it wasn't for his brass hand he'd write all poetry righthanded but the left must suffice, rendering it smudged and incoherent.

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