If our eyes could see…

If our eyes could
See souls and
Not bodies
I wonder what
Our reaction would
Be like?
Would humanity
Finally believe in
The term “religion”?

If our eyes could
See souls and not bodies
We would never be lonely.
Some may even be
Tormented and go crazy.

If our eyes could see
Souls and not bodies
I rather not think for
I do not want to see
The evil souls that roam
Around this earth.
I do not want to see
The souls that pry upon
Naive souls.

Our eyes are fine.
For my mind’s eye see
Alot that my words can’t
Begin to express.

Victoria Abah is a poet aged 24, born in France, raised in Nigeria and The United Kingdom. Her parents are French and Nigerian. She spent the majority of her life in the UK studying and working. At the age of 23 after overcoming various obstacles in her childhood and adolescents years she graduated from the University of East London with a 2:1 in Medical Physiology. With her passion to spread the awareness of mental illness to her own family and friends, she began to post her poems on her website and social media pages.

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