It was at that moment

It was at that moment,
stood barefoot on the patio,
chapped heels and bruised toe
when I remember how it felt to grieve.

The fall, you see
does not come like a swallow
diving deep between a cavern.

It is like potholes.
Or speed bumps.
Or cracks in the garden paving.
(Yes. Grief is a they)
Catch your skin off guard like
dropped pins or
dent your tyres before
you have had time to slow down.

They wait and make their move.
(Sometimes they leave me for months)
Sometimes I wonder if they have
flocked south for winter.

Like potholes.
Or speed bumps.
Or cracks.
They always come back

Featured in Episode 6 – Shall I rap this? (User submitted episode)

Bea is a 21 year old writer and student from the South of England. She has been writing stories and poetry since she was a child and has since been featured in a number of magazines and anthologies. She has recently released her introductory poetry collection ‘Shades of Blue and Yellow’, and shares some of her work on her instagram. She is also currently writing her first YA novel. As well as writing, Bea is a teacher and undergrad student, and can often be found reading in her local coffee shops!

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