My Alliance

Misery loves my company,
Stress seeks my attention,
Jealousy and envy have long since moved on,
But doubt still deserves a mention,
My pockets are lined with guilt,
My wallet is full of regret,
But sadness, despair and frustration,
They’re the ones that I wish I’d forget,
Shame is a distant acquaintance,
Confusion is my best friend,
Embarrassment, sorrow and bitterness,
They seemed to have shown me their end,
Though my negative thoughts don’t define me,
Then often make things hard to cope,
But my alliance is the one that denies them –
My alliance lies with hope.

Featured in Episode 4 “I’ve got an “unreliable lung!”

R J Tomlin (Ryan Tomlin) is a 24-year-old independent author, Maze Runner fanboy and poetry street performer, based in Leeds, UK. Author of 'The Transition' and 'JUNK'.

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