Bind me up in pearl and gold –
Drape me in feather, in finery
Dress me in gems and joyfulness
Whatever binds your heart to me

Bind me up in faithfulness
Drape me in lace and pure delight
For the waiting of my heart is done:
My Love’s the dawning of the light

My Love’s the ringing of the bells
My Love’s the singing of the choir
My Love’s the early morning dew
The sun that comes after a shower

Or rain that falls after the dry
And weary drought drags dreary pace
Yes, Spring is here; my song wells up
With all the kindness of your face

So let me spend forever now
(Four ever, five, six, seven, more)
Sheltered, and happy, in your arms
I fly to where the eagles soar

Featured in Episode 2 “They’re all horn-dogs!”

Emma Pidcock is a poet who hails from the East Midlands. Her journey into poetry began when she read a friend’s poem and thought ‘I could do that.’ She is a published poet and has also had several poems featured on BBC Radio Derby. She enjoys listening to Agatha Christie crime fiction, whilst consuming large quantities of tea and is married to Charlie Pidcock.

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