The End Of October

Autumn mist 

hung in the air


close to the ground,

A sense or foreboding,

hair stands on end,

almost no sound.

A footstep 

behind you


as it hits the ground,

You want to look forward,

keep looking ahead 

but you look around.

No one

behind you


you hasten your pace,

Heart beating quickly,

You still feel you’re followed,

The steps with no face.

Featured in Episode 11 – Diving into bone – Halloween special!

Michael Brigden is a passionate writer best known under his penname 'The Ordinary Poet'. As The Ordinary Poet his poems can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Michael is an incurable romantic who loves nothing better than to spend time with his wife and kids who are very often his inspiration. He is fascinated, awed and sometimes angered by the world around him, this is reflected within his body of work.

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