The Siren Song

One by one my queer peers
Succumb to your seductive call

Your promises, your lies
Whisper sweetly at our ears
You say come one and all
Come and be free

And I see them perish one after another
I too fall captive of your beautiful promise

Come, there is no pain here
Come, there is no hatred
Come, there is only bliss

Seductive your voice, edges us to come along
Awake my friends! Resist from this siren song!
It seeks only to cheat and destroy

Beckoning the siren song continues its goal
With sweet promises of oblivion and peace
The only thing that keeps my feet anchored in
Are the voices of those whom I most love
Saying we need you, don’t go, stay here

Goodbye siren song, I shall ignore your call
Perhaps I’ll hear your melody again
At the bottom of a bottle of rum
I hope I don’t because I’m afraid

Of getting too close
Of retaking what I once chose
Of ending my existence in the void.

J. Daniel Cruz is a Mexican LGBTQ writer, poet, and performer living in Los Angeles. His works include flash fiction, short stories, plays, and poetry, depicting stories we seldom hear.

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