To My Best Friend

With us,
It was simple.
It was peaceful.
Thank you.
For being what I needed.
When I didn’t deserve it.
You were close
But that only counts in
And hand grenades.
I blew us up
Because I knew you
Weren’t the one.
If there was anyone
I would have settled for.
I would be nestled
Next you right now.
I’m glad we fell short,
Because we found
So much more.
I hope you’re as happy
As I am today.
Your second place.
I am to be
Far more than I am.
Maybe that why
I disappoint everyone I love
(Or maybe just myself)
The most.

Maggie Bowyer is a poet from Greensboro, North Carolina. Maggie has been writing for decades and they have performed across the nation. Their work has been published by Bourgeon, Capsule Stories, Detour Ahead, The Vital Spark, and more.

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