Why Santa is an Alien

Santa’s an alien, I don’t know why.
His sleigh’s like an UFO, undetectable in the sky.
Before Xmas, we visit his grotto.
You better watch out is part of his motto.
He brainwashes grown men to take his place.
So he can talk to children with a different face.
And when the wicked expose the frauds, the hypnotic spell is broken from the alien named Claus.
And if you wake just before midnight, you might find a peculiar sight.
Your parents ruining the magic by laying gifts under the tree, but under this deception, there is more to see.
They are obeying orders sent from Saint Nick, on the promise he won’t reduce our planet to the size of a toothpick.
So come Christmas morn and everyone seems jolly, including your parents under the mistletoe and holly.
So have a great Christmas and believe in Santa too.
Because if he is an alien, it is certain he WILL be watching you!

Featured in Episode 14 – Christmas Special 2021 Part 2

Namerucy Coggerome. Otherwise known as AMC.

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