Yuletide Blessings

A new dawn breaks this White Yuletide Morn’,
Light tickles scraps of paper and
Pine needles that still litter the floor.
The window still a glitter
With a fresh sprinkle of snow,
And gentle Sun through frosted panes
Makes the Ol’ Mistletoe glow.
Do you remember when we lay
Beneath the Ol’ Holly tree,
And all the sweet nothings You whispered to me?
Now the Ol’ Holly’s pointed leaves
Adorned with ribbons o’ red
To honor our Ancestors Both alive, lost and dead.
This Yuletide Morn’ sees us through
The longest of winter nights,
And brings blessings of life anew
With each days growing light.
For with the springs’ bloomin’ tulips
And the new wobbly fauns,
The next Solstice will see
Our own new life dawn.

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