I travel because
I hear the hell hounds
Howling in the wind
Nipping at my Achilles
Trying to heel this journey of hearing

I keep moving because Slenderman thinks I saw him
When he saw me
Naked in the field
Covered in clouds of smoke

I can’t stop because
Candy man heard an echo
Now every mirror
Is a threat

The man in the mask
Stalks me from behind
In my own house
Screams as they try to
fuse knives with my spine

Dreams are trying to kill me
Clawing at my will
Nightmares looming
Before each morning
Will I see the sunrise?

Featured in Episode 11 – Diving into bone – Halloween special!

In 2020, Michael Hoff published his first three poetry books;

Starting with ‘16.2 Superlatives, a fictional story depicting real-life issues regarding suicidal ideations.

Then, ‘Cracking a Nutshell; 50 Poetic Placebos’ with poems about mental health, social issues, and wordplay.

Finally, he released ‘Blue Ducking Under Moonlight; 69 Mating Calls for Cuckoo Birds,’ the love, heartbreak, and erotic collection.

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