PoetMike Hoff

In 2020, Michael Hoff published his first three poetry books;

Starting with ‘16.2 Superlatives, a fictional story depicting real-life issues regarding suicidal ideations.

Then, ‘Cracking a Nutshell; 50 Poetic Placebos’ with poems about mental health, social issues, and wordplay.

Finally, he released ‘Blue Ducking Under Moonlight; 69 Mating Calls for Cuckoo Birds,’ the love, heartbreak, and erotic collection.


I travel becauseI hear the hell houndsHowling in the windNipping at my AchillesTrying to heel this journey of hearing I keep moving because Slenderman thinks I saw himWhen he saw meNaked in the fieldCovered in clouds of smoke I can’t stop...

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