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Episode 12

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Dylan and Charlie introduce special guest Maggie Bowyer (rather awkwardly) as the trio explore “Words, Wide Night” by Carol Ann Duffy and “Afterparty” by Maggie Bowyer herself! Dylan also writes an interesting “poem response”.

Poems featured in this episode

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Buy Maggie’s New Book “Ungodly”

A book for the least of these, Ungodly shines a light on the experiences of life as a survivor, being LGBTQ+, being disabled, and many other identities that are viewed as “ungodly.” This book shows that even good people make mistakes; even good people hurt other good people. And sometimes bad people hurt good people. This collection of poetry depicts the strength it takes to have faith that, no matter who you are, you are worthy of love and forgiveness exactly as you are. Ungodly seeks to heal wounds that this world leaves in us, and seeks to reveal the glimmering spots in our humanity.

I loved the poems in Ungodly. I read one poem every night as a little treat with my partner. Each one of Maggie’s poems are beautifully crafted and incredibly thought provoking!

Dylan J. Kershaw

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Episode 12