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It’s easy to romanticize vampiric love,
the kind that eats at your flesh,
the kind that drives you wild
with anticipation and hunger.
But somewhere in your midnight,
love shouldn’t break your skin,
love should walk you home.

All Hallow’s Eve

All Hallow’s Eve but hollow be their name- an untimely resurrection, an unvited insurrection. when times and deeds no longer of consequence come to tease just one more wicked dance- whipped up wild on the wisps of the wind crawling on the skin...

Eclipsed Veil

Lunar silk, dark cascade, Fractured whispers, masquerade. Time’s clock melts in pumpkin glow, Futures twist, ebb and flow. Grimmest Grin, abstracted form, Ether swells in quiet storm. Dangling verbs in ghostly pleas, Abstracted in a ghoulish...

The Witch’s Brew

In a cauldron, depths swirling with unspoken secrets, A witch finds herself lost in the ritual of midnight. The slit in her gown daring, her laughter unfiltered, She folds the abstract concept of desire into the liquid enigma. Eye of newt, wing of...

Rosie Ghosts

Beyond the canal and out in the open, There’s a shot where I’m brushed by the miniature haunts of boys could’ve been, Obscene red, Seadragons are friendly commuters, bouncing my knee then yanked out of sight. I’m right in the palace chasing my...

Life is good

This is life Jade faces dapple the world An emerald city rises tall Shafts of liquid gold scatter the shadows. This is life Verdant, green, and abundant In full bloom Timbers ache heavenward Beams of amber entwine each branch and bough...

To My Best Friend

With us, It was simple. It was peaceful. Thank you. For being what I needed. When I didn’t deserve it. You were close But that only counts in Horseshoes And hand grenades. I blew us up Because I knew you Weren’t the one. If there was anyone I would...

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